Strawberries & Prosecco Risotto

This beautiful risotto will delight you with both its incredible flavor and scent!

The strawberry note is perfectly balanced by the dryness of the Prosecco. Everything is harmoniously bound together by the provola cheese.

Strawberries are in season now, so go get them fresh from the grocery store and try this delicious risotto!

  • DifficultyMedium
  • CostMedium
  • Preparation time15 Minutes
  • Cooking time20 Minutes
  • Servingserves 3 people
  • Cooking methodStove
  • CuisineItalian


1 l vegetable broth
350 g rice (Carnaroli or Arborio variety)
100 g strawberry (fresh)
100 g sweet scamorza cheese
2 spoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 glass prosecco (around 240ml)
1 onion
1 pinch table salt
q.s. black pepper
q.s. parsley


wash and rinse well the strawberries, cut them into small cubes and keep them aside;

– prepare the vegetable stock in a separate pan;

– when the vegetable stock is ready, maintain its temperature high by keeping the pan on the stove on a low fire;

– chop the onion and put it in a large saucepan together with a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil;

– put the saucepan on the stove on medium heat;

– as soon as the oil starts frying, low the heat to the minimum, cover the saucepan with a lid and cook till onion soften in its own liquid;

– when the onion is cooked, add the rice and mix well for a few seconds till it toasts lightly;

– pour the Prosecco wine and stir well;

– as soon as most of the wine has evaporated, add the strawberries and mix well;

scoop up and pour the broth from its pot with a ladle till you cover the rice;

– stir well and keep on watching the rice closely: as soon as most of the evaporates, pour in some more hot vegetable stock;

– repeat the above step till the rice cooks (it should take around 15-20 minutes). Do not add too much stock at one go whenever you top up the risotto, because when the rice finally cooks there must not be too much liquid in the pan;

– when the rice is cooked, remove the pan form the stove and add the cheese (cheese should be cut in very small cubes before adding it to the risotto);

– mix well till the cheese melts completely;

– serve topped with ground pepper and fresh parsley;

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