Pumpkin, Beef & Cheese Pie

  • DifficultyEasy
  • CostMedium
  • Preparation time30 Minutes
  • Cooking time50 Minutes
  • Servingserves 4 people
  • CuisineItalian


For the pastry

  • 200 gflour (I used durum wheat)
  • 140 mltable water (room temperature)
  • 100 mlextra virgin olive oil
  • 2 pinchestable salt
  • 1 teaspoonbicarbonate of soda
  • 1 spoonsesame seeds
  • 1egg (for the egg-wash)

For the filling

  • 500 gpumpkin pulp
  • 400 gminced beef
  • 100 gItalian Provolone cheese
  • 3 spoonsbreadcrumbs
  • 2 pinchestable salt
  • 1 spoonextra virgin olive oil
  • glassesred wine
  • q.s.ground nutmeg
  • q.s.ground black pepper
  • fresh rosemary


For the pastry

  1. – sift the flour onto a bowl, add the salt and the bicarbonate of soda and mix well;

    – pour the water and the oil and knead well till you get a smooth dough;

    – wrap the dough in cling film paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes

For the filling

  1. Pumpkin, Beef and Cheese Pie

    – chop the onion finely and put it into a large pot;

    – add the pinch of salt, 2 full spoons of extra virgin olive oil and mix well;

    – put the pot onto the stove on medium heat;

    – as soon as the oil starts to fry, lower the heat to minimum, cover the saucepan and let the onion to stew slowly;

    – in the meantime chop the pumpkin in small cubes;

    – when the onion becomes soft, add the minced beef;

    – pour the wine, put the heat to medium/high and stir well;

    – add the chopped pumpkin and mix well;

    – add a sprig of rosemary, put back the heat to medium/low, cover again with the lid and cook for 15 minutes;

    – after 15 minutes remove the lid, and keep on cooking for another 5 minutes till most of the liquid evaporates;

    – remove the rosemary and transfer the cooked filling in a bowl, add 2 spoons of breadcrumbs, the spices and mix well

To assembly the pie

  1. – grease a 22cm pie tray and fold it with half of the dough;

    – spread the remaining spoon of breadcrumbs on the bottom;

    – now pour the filling and cover the pie with the remaining dough;

    – use a fork to pierce some holes on the top of the pie;

    – apply the egg-wash and spread the sesame seeds on top;

    – bake at 180 degrees for around 45 minutes or till golden


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