“Pan di Stelle” Mince Pies

This is a delicious variation on the traditional Christmas Mince Pies. The filling is made of the popular Italian hazelnut & chocolate cream with crushed Pan di Stelle cookies!

  • DifficultyEasy
  • CostMedium
  • Preparation time25 Minutes
  • Rest time4 Hours
  • Cooking time15 Minutes
  • Servingdoes around 24 pies
  • Cooking methodOven
  • CuisineItalian


For the pastry

  • 400 gwhite spelt flour (or wheat flour type 0)
  • 180 gbutter (or 130 ml cold pressed sunflower oil)
  • 170 gbrown icing sugar
  • 2eggs
  • 1 pinchtable salt

For the filling

  • 2 jarsPan di Stelle cream

For the coating

  • 250 gunsweetened cocoa powder
  • q.s.ground cinnamon

For the pastry

  1. – bring the butter to room temperature, then cut it in cubes;

    – sift the flour onto a large bowl;

    – sift the icing sugar and the baking soda onto the flour and mix well;

    – add the the butter, the eggs and the pinch of salt;

    – knead well with you hands till you get a dough (try to work the ingredient as quick as you can can);

    – wrap the dough in some cling film and keep refrigerated for at least 4 hours

To make the mince pies

  1. – take the dough out from the fridge;

    generously dust the working surface with the cocoa powder;

    – lay down the dough in a form of a disc with a half centimeter thickness;

    – use a cutter with the shape of a circle to cut the bases of the mince pies (use only half of the dough);

    – use a xmas cutter, with the same diameter of the base, to cut the top of the mince pies (use the remaining half of the dough);

    – put the bases into the apposite slots of a mincepies baking tray;

    – fill it with a full teaspoon of Pan di Stelle cream;

    – close the mince pie with its lid;

    – bake at 165 degrees for around 15 minutes or till golden

    – dust the mince pies with ground cinnamon;

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2 Replies to ““Pan di Stelle” Mince Pies”

  1. I tried these last Christmas and will make some too this year. It’s a great alternative to people like me who do not like mincemeat or dried fruits. They came so we’ll that they didn’t last long enough. Prosit Pietru il Furnar. You are so innovative

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