Garlic Soup

  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostVery cheap
  • Preparation time5 Minutes
  • Cooking time25 Minutes
  • Servingserves 3 people
  • Cooking methodStove
  • CuisineEuropean


  • 1 lvegetable broth
  • 80 gbutter
  • 8 clovesgarlic
  • 1leek
  • 1potato
  • q.s.fresh chives


  1. – slice the leek finely and crush the garlic cloves, then put them into a small/medium pot together with the butter;

    – put the pot onto the fire and cook over medium heat;

    – as soon as the garlic starts to fry, cover the pot with its lid and put the flame to minimum;

    – let the vegetables to stew in their own liquid, then pour the hot broth and mix well;

    – cook for about 10 minutes then blend everything together;

    – add the potato, cut into small cubes, and cook for another 15 minutes

    – remove the pot from the stove and blend half of the potatoes;

    – serve topped with chopped chives;

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