Durum wheat Pie with Maltese Gbejniet

Durum wheat Pie with Maltese gbejniet
  • Preparation: 60 Minutes
  • Cooking: 30 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Servings: Makes around 4 Pies


For the pastry:

  • 1 kg durum wheat flour
  • 400 ml lukewarm water
  • 50 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 g table salt
  • 5 g freah yeast
  • 1 egg (for the topping)
  • q.s. sesame seed

For the filling:

  • 10 fresh maltese gbejniet
  • 2 big white onion
  • q.s. extra virgin olive oil
  • q.s. ground black pepper
  • q.s. table salt
  • q.s. fresh parsley


  1. Durum wheat Pie with Maltese gbejniet
    • – mix the yeast with the lukewarm water and the sifted flour;
    • – knead well for around 10 minutes then add the oil;
    • – knead till the oil will be absorbed;
    • – put it in a covered bowl, leave it aside while you will prepare all the filling;
    • – when the filling is ready, get small balls from the dough;
    • – lay down each ball with a rolling pin;
    • – pastry has to result very thin;
    • – spread in the middle the filling;
    • – close the pastry;
    • – beat the egg and spread the pies with it, then top with sesame seeds;
    • – bake at 200 degrees for 20/30 minutes or till golden

For the filling:

  1. – chop the onions and put it in a saucepan together with 2 pinches of salt and 2 spoons extra virgin olive oil;

    – put the saucepan on the stove on medium heat;

    – as soon as the oil starts frying,  low the heat to the minimum, cover the saucepan with a lid and cook till onion soften;

    – pour the stewed onions in a bowl;

    – add the fresh gbejniet, ground black pepper and parsley;

    – mix everything well


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